Providing a complete and accurate view of your technical infrastructure

JSC's audit services deliver a comprehensive overview of any IT environment.

Granular levels of detail are captured; IT assets are tagged and all data captured is presented back to our customers in meaningful formats that facilitate downstream integration.

Suitable for every environment

Whether your technical set-up is big or small, old or new, and whether it’s a data centre, an office or trading floor — our auditing services give you the insights you need to grow.

Comprehensive service

With full rack, asset and cabling data, and serial number scanning as standard, JSC's audit service covers every last inch of your IT environment. Our patching audits include the capture of all port mapping, cable types and connections providing a comprehensive insight for our customers.

Fast, accurate processes

We work alongside your production processes to carry out the auditing with minimal disruption to your business. Barcode scanning is used to reduce the time taken to perform the audit and cut out errors.

Meaningful data

We use flexible software to produce rack plans, asset schedules and patch schedules that are not only easy to digest, but give clear direction as to when and where efficiencies can be found.

Leave no stone unturned

No more equipment falling through the cracks during moves and changes. We thoroughly document your entire infrastructure, from legacy equipment to your latest installations.

Start expansion right

By fully reviewing and documenting your infrastructure, we’ll provide a clear and well-defined foundation on which you can build as your business grows.