Aisle Containment

Fully customisable, cost-effective containment systems to keep your data centre cooling running efficiently

Manage airflow and improve efficiency with hot and cold aisle containment

Poor air flow in your data centre can increase equipment running and maintenance costs and limit growth. Our hot and cold aisle containment solutions help you effectively manage air flow to optimise cooling, increase energy efficiency, and improve IT processing capacity.  

We can create fully independent custom systems for any height and layout of racks – our experienced team will work closely with you to design and install a bespoke solution that’s tailored to your needs, ensuring all of your equipment is operating at optimum temperatures.

All types of aisle containment systems

We can install simple rack top mounted panels and doors through to independent, standing or ceiling mounted, custom and variable height custom systems.

Bespoke designs

Whatever your rack layout, room configuration and budget, we’ll work with you to configure a comprehensive solution that’s tailored to your needs and ticks every box.

Industry-leading solutions

We have comprehensive knowledge of market-leading suppliers and products, and can guide you as to which solution is best-suited to your requirements.

Suitable for all makes of rack

Whichever manufacturer of rack you use, you can deploy our fully agnostic solution with confidence that it will optimise your operating temperatures.

Equipment integration

From ceiling-mounted lighting to alarms and fire prevention: whatever the surroundings, we’ll design flexibly around your space.


We can install CCTV and access control integration to provide you with full security throughout your data centre.

Expert design & installation

We have extensive experience in designing and installing aisle containment systems. Our technical teams will assess your space from the floor up to the ceiling to ensure that everything from the floor vents through to blanking panels, rack designs and ceiling containment are specified and configured to best suit your requirements.

Cheaper and greener

Improving the efficiency of your cooling system will ensure that equipment always stays at optimum operating temperatures – saving you time and money by reducing the running and maintenance costs of cooling equipment. Lowering energy demand for cooling will also cut your carbon footprint, helping your business be more environmentally friendly.

Improved planning & forecasting

Making your cooling and power needs more consistent will enable you to more accurately forecast future costs and understand your capacity for growth, meaning you can plan more confidently for the future.

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