Aisle Containment

Fully customisable, cost-effective containment systems to keep your data centre running efficiently.

Manage airflow and improve efficiency with hot and cold aisle containment.

Poor air flow in your data centre can increase maintenance costs and limit growth. Our hot and cold aisle containment solutions help you effectively manage air flow to optimise cooling, increase energy efficiency, and improve IT processing capacity.  From sealing open space to prevent air dispersal and short-cycling, to creating fully independent custom systems for any height and layout of rack, we provide comprehensive solutions fully tailored to your needs.

Suitable for all makes of rack

Whichever manufacturer of rack you use, you can deploy our fully agnostic solution with confidence that it will optimise your operating temperatures.

Your choice of fit and specification

Whatever your demands, rack layout and budget, we’ll configure a solution that meets your needs and ticks every box.

Full system and equipment integration

CCTA, access control, ceiling-mounted lighting, alarms and fire prevention: whatever the surroundings, we’ll design flexibly around your space.

Better efficiency

With every factor from floor to ceiling taken into consideration, we’ll ensure perfect management of hot and cold airflow for your racks. The result? Equipment that runs optimally, with lower maintenance costs.

Improved planning

Constantly optimised operating temperatures makes cooling and power needs more consistent, allowing you to easily plan future costs and forecast upscaling with confidence.

Cheaper and greener

With more efficient airflow, the running and maintenance costs of cooling equipment can be reduced. What’s more, a reduced energy demand for cooling can cut your carbon footprint significantly.