Pre-Staging & Integration

Make deployment faster, cheaper, more accurate and more environmentally friendly with JSC’s off-site pre-staging service.

The efficient way to deploy new hardware.

Preparing your data centre hardware off-site — or ‘pre-staging’ — allows for faster and more efficient installation on-site. Taking place at our secure, dedicated facility, our pre-staging service cuts your requirement to provide on-site staging space, reduces the risk of errors, and brings down the cost and time needed for a deployment.

Full-service pre-staging

We can pre-stage all kinds of hardware that you want to deploy, including data centre racks, components, associated equipment, cabling, and more.

Secure and professional

We prepare your kit at our secure, alarmed and CCTV-monitored warehouse facility, with a stringent quality control procedure to ensure the highest quality service.

Comprehensive documentation

We diligently document every single piece of hardware we pre-stage, so that when we install on your site, you know exactly what you’re getting and where it’s going.

Cost-effective deployment

We carry out our pre-staging services during normal working hours, reducing the staffing and equipment costs of running your site overnight or at weekends.

Stay on schedule

Pre-staging doesn’t get affected by knock-on issues that can slow deployment down, ensuring your deployment is sped up and meets your project timelines.

Packaging disposal and recycling

We use specialised container and shipping methods that reduce the packaging generated on site. Then we take care of all disposal and recycling for a more efficient, environmentally friendly process.

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