Rack Deployment

A full solution for rack installations, built to your specifications

Design and installation of racks for data centres, comms rooms, MMRs and IDFs that support your organisation now and in the future.


We offer a complete rack design and installation service. Whether you’re extending existing infrastructure or moving into a completely new environment, we’ll take care of everything you need to get your new infrastructure up and running.

We’ll work with you to specify, source and install your new racks with future planning in mind — and we can also install any additional cable management and rack accessories you require.

Complete service

We cover every base when it comes to rack design: PDU supply, capacity management, hardware mounting and installation, configuration, cable management, custom on-site panel cutting and floor tile cutting, and more.

Tailored to your needs

Every environment is different, so all of our rack designs are different, too. We’ll design your racking to meet your precise requirements, working within your budget and operational parameters.

High quality racks and high-density cabling frames

We work with a wide range of industry-leading manufacturers including Panduit, Chatsworth (CPI), Prism, Rittal and Cannon to source and install racks and high-density cabling frames.


Our project managers will work in collaboration with you to manage your rack deployment from start to finish, taking care of everything from specification and sourcing to on-site installation.


We can set up and pre-configure your racks in our warehouse before shipping them to you to reduce on-site installation time, and can also pre-install equipment to further speed up deployment.

Environmental monitoring integration

We can design and install environmental monitoring systems as part of your rack deployment, providing you with precise data and metrics that’ll help you understand your capacity and more effectively manage your environment going forward.

Speed of deployment

Get your equipment racked up and running straight away. We streamline the installation process through careful pre-planning and off-site staging of racks, making on-site deployment quick and efficient. We can tailor deployment schedules to your needs to create a phased build, allowing you to bring systems online alongside actual rack deployment and run parallel workstreams.


Modular rack designs that can grow with your business.

We specialise in designing racking that is effective at meeting your needs now and in the future. Whether your data centre is brand new or you’re expanding an existing environment, we’ll work with you to understand your business needs and growth forecasts to create a scalable, durable rack design.

Comprehensive deployment service

Alongside rack installations, we can also help with designing and installing cabling and cabling containment systems, hot and cold aisle containment, environmental monitoring systems and anything else your data centre requires.

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