Transformation & Consolidation

Maximise efficiency and cut costs by rationalising your critical environments

We’re experts in optimising your IT infrastructure so your data centre can operate as efficiently as possible.

Whether you’ve decommissioned hardware and want to consolidate an existing environment to reduce costs, or you want to upgrade your infrastructure to allow for future growth, we have the expertise in-house to design, manage and execute all phases of your data centre transformation project from start to finish. 

Our experienced team will work side by side with you to understand exactly what your requirements are and guide you through the journey. We’ll create a future-proof design that incorporates industry best practices and the most up-to-date products to help you work in a better way – saving you significant money and resource going forward. 

Expert management

End-to-end management of your data centre consolidation/transformation project, including design, procurement, installation and testing, working alongside your technical teams.


Our technical solutions architect will work with you to understand what you’re decommissioning or virtualising and advise how you can shrink your physical footprint, maximising efficiency so you have no wasted rack space.

Save money

Reduce your operations costs by replacing old hardware with high-density new technologies and turning off unused equipment.

Enhanced efficiency & reliability

Make your IT infrastructure more reliable, efficient and easier to manage in future by implementing data centre infrastructure management tools, helping you understand capacity as you go.

Upgraded visibility & security

We can install a range of environmental monitoring and security systems including CCTV, temperature and humidity monitoring, biometric scanners, rack locks and more.

Environmentally sustainable

From white racks to low-voltage lighting, we use sustainable solutions wherever possible to reduce energy consumption while still delivering high performance.

Minimise risk & downtime

Transforming a live environment is a significant and complex undertaking that carries inherent risk, so requires specialist knowledge and experience to get it right.

We have a track record of success in these kinds of projects, and we take a holistic approach to guide and support you throughout the process. Using our technical expertise, we’ll work closely with you to assess and recommend the best practices and products for your needs, identifying and mitigating any potential risks through meticulous scheduling.

Our technical teams are experienced at working in live environments and have the skills to problem solve on site to ensure smooth implementation that’s on time, on budget, and with minimal disruption to your critical services.

Maximise efficiency to cut operating costs

Rationalising your infrastructure can result in huge efficiency savings, often meaning the project pays for itself within just a few months of completion.

We'll guide you as to where you can introduce new technologies such as high-density solutions and pay-as-you-go infrastructure solutions that’ll help you shrink your data centre’s physical footprint and significantly reduce your operating costs.

What’s more, our future-proof designs are scalable and can evolve as your requirements change, giving your business flexibility to grow.

Efficient implementation

We offer a comprehensive end-to-end service for your entire data centre transformation project, ensuring a smooth, efficient pathway to deployment. Our teams will look after everything from design and planning to deploying your new hardware and decommissioning old assets, helping reduce implementation timeframes.

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