Patching & Connectivity

High-quality, innovative equipment cabling and cable management for effective operation of your data centre

Cable installation and management lie at the very core of your data centre – from dressed equipment cabling to high-density patch and telecoms racks, no data centre can operate without it.

We offer expertise and innovation in cabling to support data centre migrations and new equipment installations, including data and power cabling and pre-cabling, equipment cabling, server patching and pre-patching, and cable harnessing. 

We’ll work in partnership with you to develop effective, affordable, future-proofed standards and designs, enabling you to better manage your equipment and get the most out of your investment. 

Professional cable dressing & management

We pride ourselves on our high standards of cable routing and neatness with appropriate cable management and rack components


We can pre-install power, copper and fibre cables prior to large deployments and migrations, reducing installation time on-site and allowing us to carry out error checking before connecting equipment. If you’d like to know more about this specialist service, click here to download our whitepaper *insert link*


Struggling with messy, disorganised racks? We can tidy up and optimise your existing server and equipment cabling to make ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting simpler and more efficient

Cable supply

Our close relationships with industry-leading suppliers enable us to supply branded and unbranded cable quickly at competitive prices, including custom cable lengths and colours

Cable containment

We can provide under-floor and overhead cable containment (suspended and rack-mounted) to improve routing, resilience and maintain effective air distribution.

Labelling & cable identification

We use a variety of methods for cable labelling to ensure that cables are always clearly identifiable

Technical planning & capacity management

Our project managers and technical experts will work closely with your teams to create detailed patch schedules alongside our capacity management tools to ensure accurate connectivity and infrastructure usage

Detailed patch schedules

We'll provide you with detailed patch schedules so you know exactly what’s been installed and can effectively manage your cabling network going forward

Intelligent PDU cabling & configuration

Our engineers will track and record how your PDUs are cabled & configured so that you can remotely manage them with confidence

MMR and ODF patching

Installation, testing and commissioning support of cross-connects, MMRs and high-density ODF cabling to support your connectivity throughout your site

High-density & harnessed solutions

We’ll work with you to optimise the use of space and suggest where high-density solutions or switch harnessing may be appropriate to improve manageability and connectivity

DCIM information management

We can easily extract information from our patch schedules and capacity management tools in order for data to be integrated into other DCIM tools

Cost-effective, manageable cable identification solutions

No cable should be installed without some way of identifying it later – however, complete cabling colour schemes are costly to operate and are prone to error. We use a variety of alternative methods to offer a solution that’s more cost-effective and easier for your support personnel to manage, from large scale pre-printing of serialised and descriptive labels to small-scale temporary bespoke labelling.

Meticulous planning & tracking

Our technical team will create a detailed patch schedule to pre-plan the work and minimise errors. Throughout the installation, our engineers will keep fastidious records of every patch cable and its routing including any changes to the schedule made on the day. We’ll then provide all of this documentation to you so you know exactly what’s been installed at the end of the job.

Full range of other services

We also offer a variety of other managed services for your data centre or critical environment, from equipment installation and DD&D to ongoing flex support. Contact our team today to discuss how we can support your business.

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