Fire Suppression

Protecting your business with rack mount fire protection solutions

We’ve partnered with Redetec® to offer a complete modular fire protection system for computer racks and critical equipment.

Ensuring that your data centre or critical environment is protected from the risk of fire and subsequent downtime is vital. We have extensive experience in designing, installing and maintaining industry-leading fire suppression systems – protecting your business and ensuring you’re compliant with fire regulations.

Fully managed

We provide an end-to-end service, from design and planning through to sourcing, installation, testing and commissioning as well as annual servicing.


Avoid extensive design calculations, building alterations or costly wiring – Redetec’s simple-to-install solutions help you keep costs to a minimum.

Fast installation​

Eliminate fire risk quickly - Redetec® solutions can be installed within just a few days.


Space at a premium? Redetec’s in-rack solutions have you covered – with no large cylinders taking up valuable floor area, they take up just 2u of space within each rack.

Protection where it matters

Redetec® puts fire detection and protection tools in the rack itself, allowing for faster detection and fire suppression to help protect your critical assets. Once installed, the Redetec device moves with the cabinet, so your assets are protected wherever they live.


All of Redetec’s solutions use UL and LPCB-approved detection systems, and are installed by our certified engineers to ensure your data centre complies with the most up-to-date fire regulations.

Get protected faster

Conventional fire systems such as sprinklers and gas bottles are time-consuming to install, often requiring extensive planning and building alterations – leaving you open to fire risk in the meantime. Redetec® solutions deliver protection straightaway. They’re installed directly within your racks so can be up and running within just days of you identifying a potential fire risk, giving you peace of mind that your critical systems are safe.


Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut costs at the same time. While traditional systems flood the entire data centre with extinguishing gas, Redetec’s localised fire protection solutions use only a small amount of extinguishing gas directly within the protected enclosure where it’s needed – helping your business be more environmentally-friendly.

Improved monitoring

Get better visibility and manageability of remote or unmanned environments - we can also design and install a range of other integrated environmental monitoring and alerting systems to help you manage and protect your critical environment, including temperature and humidity monitoring, leak detection, access monitoring, CCTV, security monitoring and more.

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