Fire Suppression

Protecting your business with rack mount fire protection solutions

Joyce Solutions have partnered with Redetec® to supply a complete modular fire protection system for computer racks and critical equipment.

Cost Effective Solutions

Redetec® solutions do not need extensive design calculations, room strengthening or costly wiring. Installation, commissioning and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum in a more cost-effective solution.

Fire Protection Where It Matters

Redetec® puts fire protection at the point of greater risk; for faster detection and fire suppression; ensuring continuous asset availability and protection.

Protecting High Value Assets

Why protect a whole room when you can concentrate on protecting high risk and high value items in the cabinet. Once installed, the Redetec device moves with the cabinet, so your assets are protected wherever they live.


Redetec® solutions utilise UL and LPCB approved detection. From Point Type Detection right through to extremely reliable High Sensitive Smoke Detection (HSSD) for mission critical applications.


Redetec® has adapted the room protection properties of HFC227ea and the Zero Ozone Depletion Potential – environmentally friendly FK-5-1-12 extinguishing agents into the self-contained cylinders for full protection up to 3.0 cubic meters.


Redetec® cabinet fire protection solutions are designed to suit a range of applications, whether 19” rack mounted or otherwise. Each Redetec® unit as standard comprises a complete fi re detection and suppression solution, managed by our own internal controller.