Installation & Patching

High-quality, reliable hardware installation as standard

Streamline your equipment deployment for optimal performance and efficiency.

Our experienced technicians can install your kit within your data centre or critical environment to documented, high-quality standards, and we’ll supply all of the required tools and health and safety equipment to make sure it’s done safely and effectively.

Our racking and stacking service includes everything from checking off equipment deliveries, installing equipment, completing cabling and routing, patching through circuits with the required labelling, right through to powering up and configuration.

Hardware installation

Our skilled technical teams have the experience and specialist equipment required to install large, high-value assets, servers, storage and network devices precisely and efficiently

Component installation

Our team are competent in installing drives, interface cards, memory, processors, fans and any other accessories that you require

Base-level configuration

Our engineers carry all of the kit to connect and configure your hardware onsite (ILO, ALOM, iDRAC, Cisco IOS) to get it up and running quicker and minimise your team’s visits to site


We’ll complete all power cabling and data cabling, including patching and installing long lines, with neat, well-dressed cables and routing

Checking & serial number recording

We’ll unpack equipment, check and record serial numbers, and reconcile against the delivery note or bill of materials

Equipment inspections

Our technicians will carry out diagnostic and quality assurance inspections on all installed equipment

Asset tagging

We can label and record all of your equipment to help you track and manage it in the future

Rack planning & connectivity schedules

We’ll validate and verify your rack plans and connectivity schedules to make sure that your kit is accurately installed and connected

Management & co-ordination

Our project manager will work closely with you to establish your requirements, write a plan, organise resources, and co-ordinate on-site installation and testing

Off-site staging

Have your equipment delivered to our secure off-site warehouse to complete de-boxing, serial number checking, labelling and base configuration, making the on-site installation more efficient and saving you time and money

Protecting your kit on-site

We always use our custom flight cases to protect your equipment in the transfer from loading bays to your environment, to ensure it’s secure and protected from damage at all times

Fully insured

All of your equipment will be fully insured while our teams are completing the installation

Consistent approach & communication

We pride ourselves on providing a consistent, end-to-end managed service. Our project manager will liaise with you to work out your requirements and meticulously plan the installation so we get it right first-time. On-site, all of our engineers are trained to work to the same standards, ensuring consistent high quality for all equipment installs and cabling. We’ll also set up a communication group to keep you updated throughout the process.

Speed of deployment

Lead times for hardware delivery can be long and unpredictable. Our streamlined planning and deployment services protect you against that unpredictability, helping you keep your project on track. We’ll design the plans and pre-cable the entire environment so it’s ready and waiting – then once your kit arrives, it's quick and simple to install and connect it.

Post-installation services

Once the installation is completed, we can provide assistance with remote troubleshooting and initial start-up, ensuring you can successfully access all of your equipment to start your deployment. Our FlexSupport service can also be brought online to provide ongoing support and remote engineering services to ensure your systems are working and maintained correctly.

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