Delivers ongoing, comprehensive auditing and capacity management of your datacentre infrastructure

Save Money and Drive Business Growth With Comprehensive Capacity Management & Auditing

Inefficient use of your data centre infrastructure can lead to poor planning, project delays and inaccurate budgeting, limiting business flexibility and growth. IQ puts you back in control with accurate, forensic knowledge of your critical environment. Through detailed information on rack availability, density and usage, we’ll show you how to reduce wastage and ensure your data centre is operating at optimum efficiency — saving you time and maximising returns for your business.

Plan Effectively

With IQ, you can plan all your cable routes and patching in advance, minimising confusion and haphazard port usage.

Get Complete Visability

Eliminate guesswork with detailed, up-to-date information on the availability, usage and density of your racks and infrastructure.

Drive Business Growth

Facilitate successful business change with effective planning, accurate budgeting and speedy project deployment.

Save Time & Money

Clear visibility allows detailed planning and preparation, reducing unnecessary work visits and saving you money.

Increase ROI

Maximise returns by utilising excess capacity and ensuring your infrastructure is functioning at optimum efficiency.

Easy Onboarding

Get started quickly with our three-step data centre discovery process — simple, efficient and hassle-free.

Meticulous Data Reporting

Port-by-port usage information for every patch panel, PDU outlet and U position in your data centre, delivered in a simple, editable and easy-to-use format.

Monthly Management Reports

Regular summary reports on overall rack usage, power usage, issues or observations, and advance planning requirements.

Regular Site Visits

Our team of highly experienced data centre engineers will conduct regular site visits to update information, report any changes, and address issues or areas of concern.

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