Technical Survey & Site Audits

Independent reporting to help you make data-driven decisions

Our surveying and audit services offer a comprehensive overview of your critical IT environments to assist you in making decisions and planning for the future.

We can assess all aspects of your data centre and its infrastructure, from equipment performance to security and energy usage. We’ll tailor our survey to your specific business objectives to supply you with accurate, independent reporting and relevant information sets. We’ll also help you make sense of this data, presenting it to you in meaningful formats so you understand every physical aspect of your technical areas and equipment and how it’s all connected – making it easier for you to confidently undertake projects and day-to-day tasks going forward.

Infrastructure Audits

We can audit your electrical, mechanical, cooling, critical power, data management and connectivity systems - giving you insight into how they’re performing and where you can make improvements

Security Audits

Make sure your data centre is protected from physical threats with an audit of your security and emergency systems - including fire suppression, water and humidity monitoring, CCTV, biometric access and in-person security teams

Energy Efficiency Audits

Identify any energy inefficiencies such as unsuitable racking or air leaks and gain insight into your overall energy performance via an audit of your power usage and thermal environment

Design & Compliance Audits

Find out how your overall data centre design compares against current standards and look at your redundancy levels through a design audit

Maintenance Audit

Discover whether you're compliant with manufacturer recommendations for your hardware via an audit of your maintenance schedules and risk registers

Managed PDU Audit

Ensure your managed PDUs are up-to-date and accurately configured – from connectivity & integration to firmware upgrades, control documentation and change management

Informed planning

A comprehensive technical survey is a crucial first step in planning for the future.

Whatever your requirements, we'll provide you with all of the information you need to understand how your environment is operating on a big-picture level - helping you to make informed decisions about how to manage it going forward.

Experience & expertise

We’ve spent decades honing our surveying methods, and we continually review our processes to maintain the highest possible information accuracy.

We take a modular approach to our audits – as we build each layer of information, you can choose how the information is presented, recorded and then built on during the subsequent phases. This enables you to tailor the audit to your exact requirements and make sure the service delivers the results you need.

Saving you money

Investing in a technical audit typically more than pays for itself in the long run by identifying where optimisations can be made to your data centre or critical environment.

From reducing data centre floorspace rental requirements to cutting power bills and licensing costs for redundant systems and services, we'll pinpoint where efficiencies can be introduced through consolidation and rationalisation projects.

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