Decommissioning & Disposal

Dispose of obsolete hardware and data confidently with our secure, certified service

Hardware and data disposal you can trust.

When it comes to decommissioning your assets, it’s vital to ensure it’s done both securely and ethically. We provide a nationwide 24/7 service for collecting and disposing of your old hardware in a way that’s planet-friendly and keeps your data safe. 

Our security-cleared teams will work with you to identify the best method for the disposal of your equipment, whether that’s having it securely destroyed or wiped & refurbished. We’ll then take care of the entire ITAD process from de-installation through to recycling or re-sale.

We guarantee a rock-solid chain of custody management process, using state-of-the-art electronic asset tracking techniques and best-in-class engineering practices to ensure there’s no compromise to your data or business operations. 

All environments covered

We offer decommissioning services for data centres, offices, warehouses and any other IT environment, and can dispose of all types of old or obsolete hardware including servers, laptops, storage devices and networking equipment.

Your choice of destruction method

Your hard drives can be wiped using certified, secure data erasure software so they can be re-sold, or you can have them shredded them into particles to ensure permanent, irrecoverable destruction of data.

On-site de-installation & removal

We have the expertise and specialist equipment to take care of the physical removal of hardware from your racks, including de-cabling, de-labelling and transport.

Electronic asset tagging

We'll tag and record all assets using hand-held electronic scanners for maximum accuracy, reducing any potential for human error.

Secure transport

We transport all equipment in fully secured, GPS-tracked vehicles and can provide you with tracking - so when your old hardware leaves your site, you can enjoy complete confidence that it can’t fall into the wrong hands.

Fully managed

Our project managers will manage the process from end to end - we'll inventory what's being disposed of, advise what can be re-sold vs recycled, co-ordinate asset de-installation and transportation, organise data destruction, and provide disposal certificates.

On-site SSD/HDD destruction

Don’t want confidential data taken off site? We offer a self-contained mobile shredding & crushing service so you can watch your SSDs and HDDs being destroyed on your premises, and can provide CCTV footage of the destruction searchable by asset serial number.

IT buy-back

Convert your old IT equipment into revenue – we provide an IT buy-back service to help you maximise value from any equipment or components that can be re-sold.


We guarantee any equipment that’s not being re-sold is properly recycled in compliance with WEEE directives and a certificate of recycling will be provided.

Security-cleared staff

All of our teams are security checked and vetted. We’re also happy to undertake additional checks if the nature of your business and data demands it.

Experienced data centre engineers

Our engineers are skilled at working in live environments and have hands-on experience with all types of IT equipment, minimising risk of disruption to your business-critical services while they’re removing your old hardware.

Infrastructure decommissioning

We also offer sub-floor cable removal, rack removals, containment removal, data centre strip-outs and more.

Tracked, recorded & ADISA-certified

We have years of experience successfully decommissioning hardware for businesses that require the highest levels of security, including financial institutions and healthcare providers.

Our decommissioning and disposal process follows rigorous Asset Disposal Information Security Alliance (ADISA) standards, with complete end-to-end transparency. We provide a full chain of custody, recording the serial numbers for every piece of equipment and ensuring all equipment is signed in & out so it’s all fully traceable. At the end of the process, we’ll provide you with certificates of disposal and data destruction.

Data destruction options

We’ll help you identify the best way to destroy your data, depending on your own internal security requirements and your financial and environmental goals.

In most cases we recommend Blancco’s industry-leading certified data erasure solution to guarantee complete, permanent data sanitisation of HDDs and SSDs, certified to national and global data protection regulations. We can then arrange for the drives to be resold or return them to you to reuse within your organisation.

If your business mandates or prefers physically destroying your old data storage devices then we’ll recommend appropriate destruction and recycling methods for complete peace of mind.

Planet-friendly solutions

We're committed to minimising the environmental impact of electronic waste to reduce our carbon footprint, and have a zero landfill policy. Wherever possible, we’ll recommend refurbishing working technology or stripping it down for parts, to be re-sold or donated to a charity education partner.

For IT equipment that can’t be reused, we ensure it's responsibly recycled to comply with the relevant local regulations on the processing of electrical waste.

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