Wireless Networking

Maximise your business’s connectivity with our complete range of wireless networking solutions

In today’s world, seamless wireless connectivity is vital for your business.

We provide state-of-the-art wireless networking solutions for organisations of all kinds, ensuring optimal connectivity and performance whenever and wherever you need it.  

Our wireless surveying, solution planning, design and installation services are suitable for environments of every size. We use industry-leading software-based surveying and design tools to ensure a high-performance design, and our skilled engineers can expertly deploy, configure and test your network to guarantee a high-performance solution that’ll work for you. 

Full-service networking for any environment

We offer wireless network solutions for all types and sizes of organisations – businesses, schools and educational facilities, warehouses, hospitality venues, temporary events, and more.

Precision surveying and design

Our team will carry out meticulous surveys of your environment, using Ekahau AI Pro surveying tools to design your network and capture and record your performance data.

Your partner from start to finish

From initial survey to post-deployment maintenance, our team will work with you throughout the project to make sure your installation meets your needs, and can provide ongoing support into the future.

Checking existing networks

We can carry out health checks and provide general performance reports on your current networks.

Quality kit, fitted by experts

We use high-quality networking equipment from leading suppliers including Meraki, Aruba, Mist, Ruckus and Ubiquiti, installed by our skilled team to ensure a successful deployment.

Data cabling

Industry-leading internal and external data cabling to support your access point deployment.

Bespoke design

An expertise-driven approach that’s built around your needs.

Every space is unique, so your wireless network needs to be too. Our design team will carefully consider the challenges of your specific environment and business needs, as well as how these may evolve into the future. We use Ekahau AI Pro’s powerful Wi-Fi planning and design tools to create a solution that’s customised to your needs and anticipates future challenges, helping you to maximise your wireless potential with IT infrastructure that stands the test of time.

Data-driven performance

Quality metrics will enable you to provide users with faster, more reliable connectivity.

Using Ekahau AI Pro’s high-quality surveying and management tools, we’ll provide detailed reports that break down your wireless network’s performance, highlighting any potential areas of weak signal strength and channel interference that need to be addressed. We can then provide actionable insights and recommendations to boost performance, reduce interference and enhance overall connectivity, allowing your users to enjoy strong signal coverage in every corner of your premises.

Ongoing Support​

Keeping you connected, day in, day out.

Wireless connectivity issues can cause major disruption to your business, from workers being unable to access essential applications to unhappy customers not able to get online. We offer ongoing maintenance and support services so if something does go wrong, we can get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

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