Infrastructure Design

Industry-leading physical infrastructure design to support your new data centre or transform an existing environment

Dependable IT infrastructure is a cornerstone of businesses in today's world.

Our comprehensive design service supports you in making the right infrastructure choices, ensuring your technical environment aligns with your business objectives both in the short term and into the future.

Our team of experts have extensive experience in architecting IT infrastructure solutions across a broad range of industries. We‘ll work closely alongside you and your IT teams to thoroughly understand your business processes and get to know your technical requirements so we can design and implement a solution that works for you.

All types of infrastructure

Design for all elements of your physical infrastructure, from data centre layout and cabling containment systems through to structured cabling, building connectivity and distribution.

Environment and connectivity

Scoping and planning for rack layouts, patch and connectivity schedules.

New & existing infrastructure

We can help both with new whitespace fit-outs and with transforming existing critical spaces to help accommodate your evolving business needs.

Needs assessment

We'll integrate closely with all layers of your technical teams to identify your specific requirements, along with any limitations or constraints that need to be considered in the design process.

Solution planning & product assessment

We’ll collaborate with you to develop a high-level plan for your IT infrastructure, taking an agnostic approach to identify and specify the most suitable components and configurations for your needs.

Monitoring & management

Get better visibility of how your environment is operating by incorporating real-time monitoring and management systems, helping you manage it more effectively.

Design expertise

Our technical solutions architects are IT infrastructure design specialists. We offer expert knowledge of the latest and most advanced technologies, and can identify and design in innovative new solutions that’ll optimise your rack efficiency and align with industry best practices. This allows us to significantly cut your data centre floorspace and power consumption, helping you cut operational costs and make progress towards your carbon goals.

For several recent infrastructure transformation projects we’ve done, the client’s investment in design and implementation has been recouped through efficiency savings within just months of completion.

Logical to physical design

Our experience of working within critical environments means we’re uniquely placed to take logical designs for complex network compute and storage environments and incorporate them into physical deployment plans.

We approach the planning process by working closely with your network team to understand your connectivity methods, growth expectations, resilience and redundancy requirements. From there, we’ll look at your data centre floorspace and start laying out your critical systems, considering the net effect of your services and connectivity on your physical infrastructure to ensure everything is integrated right from the word go.

Seamless path to implementation

Alongside our design services, we also offer a full project management and implementation service to provide a smooth journey to completion. Our technical project managers have extensive experience in IT infrastructure projects, and will manage procurement, installation, configuration and testing of all components of your system to ensure the deployment is a success.

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