Asset Audits

Providing a complete and accurate view of your technical infrastructure

We’re experts in technical IT auditing within data centres, comms rooms and offices

Whether you’re looking to migrate to a new environment, upgrade your existing IT facilities or simply better understand how you’re using your infrastructure, a comprehensive audit is a critical first step and will give you a clear, well-defined foundation to build upon. We specialise in providing rich, high-quality, flexible data sets that are tailored to your specific business objectives, helping you to successfully launch and deliver future projects. 

Every environment covered

Whether your technical set-up is big or small, old or new, and whether it’s a data centre, an office or even a trading floor, we can fully review and document your IT infrastructure and connectivity to help you manage it effectively moving forward.

Tailored to your requirements

We can audit for any client requirement. Whether you’re relocating your data centre and need every asset and connection mapped, trying to understand and manage your structured cabling capacity, or looking to forecast power usage for future planning, our teams can tailor their approach and audit criteria to deliver exactly what you need.

Comprehensive technical service

With full rack, asset and cabling data capture, serial number scanning as standard, and patching audits including all port mapping, cable types and connection information, our audit service covers every last inch of your IT environment.

Technical management

We assign a dedicated technical manager to all auditing services to ensure that our team works within your business processes to capture and present the information that you need.

Modular approach

We understand the complexity and risk of working in live environments and so our approach is modular, allowing you to manage scope, costs and risks as the project progresses and information is recorded and analysed.

Software and logic-based auditing

Our unique, expert-led approach means that we’re able to comprehensively cover environments that can’t always be fully physically audited. Working with your technical teams, detailed reports and a variety of non-disruptive auditing methods, we can still effectively capture and map full environments without being able to trace cables.

Data accuracy

We guarantee the data we provide and use best-in-class practices such as unique 2D barcode IDs and cable labels to not only capture the information but also verify it and enable change control within active environments.

Quality, usable information

We provide complex information in an easy-to-use format, with an audit output that can be easily integrated and used in your own in-house asset tracking and data centre planning software tools. Our floor plans, rack plans, asset and connectivity schedules are simple to interpret and give clear direction as to when and where efficiencies can be found.

Specialist equipment & practices

Our engineers take a paperless approach, using digital cameras, laptops and barcode scanners to ensure data accuracy, speed of recording and quick post-audit processing.

Solid foundations

By fully reviewing and documenting your infrastructure, we’ll provide meaningful, demystified and well-defined information with actionable insights, giving you a base from which you can effectively manage your data centre and IT infrastructure moving forward.

Change management

We understand that we're auditing within a living, working environment that needs to be maintained - so to keep data accurate and relevant throughout the life of the project, we implement change management at the outset.

Remote visibility

We can give you remote insight and visibility into IT environments that you may not have the bandwidth or geographical presence to physically visit, identifying any immediately obvious issues or points of concern and provide information about how the site is functioning – whether in granular detail or just a light survey.

Expert approach & pinpoint accuracy

Our auditing methods and recording format have been developed and refined over many years of practice, and we continually review our processes to maintain the highest possible information accuracy and cost effectiveness.

We take a modular approach to our audits – as we build each layer of information, you can choose how the information is presented, recorded and then built on during the subsequent phases. This enables you to tailor the audit to your exact requirements and make sure the service delivers the results you need.

Minimal risk

Our auditing team are all skilled, experienced data centre engineers who have specialist knowledge of a huge variety of data centre equipment, and regularly install, cable and manage that equipment. Their hands-on knowledge helps to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum and that the audit is completed as efficiently as possible.

We do a thorough risk assessment before each task we carry out, and we’ll fully explain our approach and methods to you in advance, giving you the opportunity to limit the task parameters to reduce risk if required.

Consolidated approach

Accurate audits are a critical starting point to prepare for migration, decommissioning or other asset management requirements. We can discuss additional options with you in more detail once we know your requirements - whether it is cable labelling at the time of trace or asset tagging of equipment to harmonise your purchasing databases, we’re sure to have some extras that will help to save time and money later in the project.

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