Data Centre Migration

Mitigate risk and minimise downtime with our best-in-class, fully-managed enterprise and server relocation services

Relocating your IT infrastructure is fraught with risk. You need to know that your critical data — and your business — are in the very safest of hands.

We specialise in data centre migrations, and have years of experience successfully relocating clients of all sizes and sectors within the UK and Europe. Our end-to-end managed service incorporates everything you need for an efficient and secure relocation, from meticulous auditing and pre-cabling through to industry-leading project management and physical relocation processesensuring your project runs on time, on budget, with minimal risk. 

Expert project management

End-to-end management of your entire migration project, from planning and coordination to transportation and installation - factoring in risk management and contingency planning at all stages.

Technical design

Our technical teams will work with you to create comprehensive technical designs, helping you transition between sites with 100% accuracy and confidence.


We’ll carry out extensive rack, asset, cable and network auditing as part of our planning process to make sure we understand exactly what you're moving and where it needs to go.


Reduce on-site installation time by pre-installing all power and data cables in their destination racks prior to migration, minimising risk and downtime.

Specialist equipment

We have the right tools and equipment to safely transport and handle your IT equipment during the relocation process.

GPS tracking

We monitor the transit of all equipment in our secure flight cases in real time and provide you with tracking of vehicles, so you can feel assured that your kit is in safe hands.

Trained, security-cleared engineers

Our experienced engineers are all trained in the proper handling and transportation of IT equipment and have received high levels of security clearance, meaning you can trust them to handle even the most sensitive equipment.

Independently certified

We’re the only migration company in Europe to offer an ADISA-certified technical migration service, so you know your assets and data are being looked after safely and securely with a complete chain of custody.

Fully insured

All equipment is fully insured from the moment we start the de-racking process through to re-racking at the new site.

Meticulous planning & preparation

We've honed our processes through years of experience successfully carrying out migrations for clients of all sizes, and our team have the skills and expertise to manage the project from start to finish, ensuring we deliver on your objectives.

We’ll work with you to plan each step of the relocation in detail, including site surveys/audits, timelines, resource allocation and risk management strategies. We'll also build in contingency measures to address any unforeseen events or emergencies that may arise, minimising any risks and ensuring everything goes smoothly.

Expert advice to guide your way forward

A migration is an excellent opportunity to look at rationalising your IT environment through consolidation, virtualisation, redesigning or decommissioning equipment.

Our technical solutions architects can advise how you can reduce your rack space within your new data centre to cut your power consumption and supporting infrastructure requirements - minimising the quantity of equipment you have to migrate and helping you save money in the long run.

Data-driven future management

We start all of our data centre migrations with a comprehensive audit, and maintain meticulous documentation of your infrastructure throughout the project to create a precise, highly-detailed information set.

Once the migration is completed, you'll have a 100% accurate data centre infrastructure management tool to help you run, manage and maintain your data centre into the future.

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