Co-Lo Migration London, UK

A successful migration of vital data centre equipment


The investment banking client needed to consolidate its IT equipment, in particular migrating two data centres within a co- location facility into a single newly-provisioned area. This needed to be done over a series of weekends so that downtime could be minimised.


The client partnered with us to conduct a full asset and cabling audit, migration and handover of around 60 devices, including EMP storage racks, HP blade chassis, large Cisco multi-blade switches and data centre-class servers. Our migration teams worked alongside the client’s own engineers to successfully de- cable, relocate and re-cable all devices, according to the meticulous plan established in advance.


The migration was completed without incident, thanks to our joint efforts in planning, experience and migration methods. As a result, the client now benefits from:

  • Site management improvements
  • Greater power, space and cooling efficiency
  • Room to scale up their data centre for refresh andupgrade needs as required
  • Improved cable management
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