International Co-Lo

A successful remediation and improvement in implementation

The challenge

A large IT outsourcing company, based in India, required more than 30 multi-site large scale server installations in co-location sites across the UK. However, hardware installations were taking up to seven separate client visits to complete installation, cabling, and commissioning. This led to an expensive and time-consuming process that was difficult to manage.

Our solution

Working for the data centre hosting supplier, we streamlined the installation process and enabled the client to remotely build their environment with our offsite support. Our service included hardware installation, base configuration, cabling and documentation across Sun, HP, IBM and Cisco equipment. We were also required to conduct a large rack re-stack and remediation programme, including equipment and connection auditing, and equipment removal and reinstallation according to our best data centre practices.

The outcome

A successful project, completed out-of-hours to minimise business disruption, generating several benefits for the outsourcing company:

  • More efficient use of space, power, and cooling within hosted data centres, reducing cost and carbon footprint
  • Reduction of engineer site visits per installation from 7 to 2
  • Consolidated cable management enabling easier future capacity management
  • Streamlined hardware and cabling that is simpler to manage and easier to fix when problems arise
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