Office Rack Replacement Milan, Italy

Uprating rack capacity within 48 hours

The challenge

A UK-based international investment company had an IT facility in Milan that required a full rack replacement. This site needed a major overhaul. It didn’t have enough rack capacity, and what was there was distributed in a haphazard fashion – without any power protection, rack planning, cabling planning or equipment labelling. With a rollout of consolidated network and voice services on the horizon, the need for an overhaul was pressing. 

Our solution

We conducted a full overhaul and expansion of the company’s rack set-up, starting with a detailed remote evaluation and contact with the on-site support and network team to scope out the exact requirements. 

Over the course of a weekend, JSC completed a full audit of all equipment and connectivity and decommissioned the existing rack. We supplied and installed the new rack, PDUs and UPS, reinstated the structured cabling panels and recommissioned the infrastructure. Once complete, the new equipment was then tested in conjunction with the remote client team in the UK – with the office ready for business again by Sunday evening.  

The outcome

The result of the project, a UK-led managed service conducted in continental Europe, was a quickly executed, professional boost to the company’s environment, including:

  • An upgraded rack environment with zero business disruption
  • Increased rack capacity supporting futureproofing
  • Immediate improvements to power use, resilience, and cooling
  • Fully documented environment with cable labelling and equipment labelling
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